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---- i know i've been looking forwards to it all year:D .. wasn't it great:D

..well what can i say? ..well most things ... but the 'gig' on monday was incredible stuff :D
i fell the hell in love with green<3 in the hots set ... they were all awesome // except dollar whos a fat cunt .. well not really he's pretty dollardollartotehtwentygetda'smoneymuddamudda. anyway.. loved it.

reasons to remain were a bit average other than one of the guitarists being pretty fresh. needed more rawkuss lyricism.

countingthedays were probably the best i've seen them ... it was so good. they electro-butchered the hell out of my calculator which i did literally bring. the new song was a frenzy. great noises.

college is THE cunt at the moment. especially the two essays i really need to be doing right nwo for film studies and my music tech comp. matin tells me my future looks dismal or gloomy and other encouraging things. might have a film tripppo tomorry? fun(K) stuff

went to mats again after 'collz' it was nice .. hanged oot did a bit of elodea. then sped up to our praccy n laid down da riddem y'all hataz. fun. fun.

i'm not there anymore i'm in my house
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