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'doctor deX workin dem needles like a surgeon' (or skagician)


great caesar's ghost everythings ave
but saturday should be a bag of snakes. Citizen X bl8z have an electronic cowbell.

yesterday was amusing stuff. i.t was replaced by minor pyrotechnics dans chez gyraddos with blanny (who earlier punched me in the face for knocking off his hat and hitting his shoulder - after he basically lost me my money and then kicked me?! wanked!!) and doz. our explosion attempts failed and we basically just ate all garrys food.
then the plan was that i went to mat's and we band practiced before our band practice.. but instead we played soul calibre and got lightly pissed. didn't really help with productivity at the band practice .. as mat, who was somehow a bit hammered, couldn't really play very much and we really just messed around on the electric drum kit ... good. good and great.

today was fairly indifferent, if a day can feel this way, went college-ing - hitoried. music tech pretty much wasn't.
visited good ol' varndean school. james is a bit of a cutie. he gave away some sibelius.. but not the serial code.. cunt.
then i think we went to dat schnoz's. somehow all his cats had got shut in t3h band room and shat in a heap behind logs stack .. manked....

i went to leanne's for a bit then she saw her babe of a father and went home .. only to be intercepted (via telecommunication) by ray-j blann.. who decided he couldn't be bothered to go work... and didn't tell them ... so we ate some chinese scoop and watched the a team.. T was terrified. then i went home .. was annoyed aboot something for a while but i'm not sure what ... then remembered that i had at the very least 3 essays for tomorry... didn't do them...

if i'm this bored why am i not in bed? weird. also bye
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