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123 getdamoneydollardollar ..

well heres what happened...

weekend was a bit rubbish really ... missed out on the firework action andd!!! a firework slash ninja mission that i half planned .....norzzzzzz\\\...

not much else happened

college has been ok since then (how ironic) .. cormac was still dead on monday so i had approximately 600% less music tech than if the situation had been in no way comparable. went to schnoz's maybe .. or i just went home .. i really don't remember that wasn't taht fun i think i went to leannes? my short term memory is abismal.
only had one lesson today .. good stuff .. pretty much actually did my homework it felt nice inside. i'm a model citizen .. whos BLACK :( damn i went to schnoz's with supposedly band related plans which failed except for me and joe on the interstellascifispacedronecore band front .. which went all good .. bajan ws there for some reason ..weird ... also schnoz wasn't .. weird again
well bye

to completely contradict my last statement i then went home .. walked with joe blann ... odd phone call ;) .. leanne came round some time .. getdalimit .. then it rained when i walked home .. like a beast feels like i have trenchfoot and no body ... then some cunt opened his cardoor into me and it well hurt .. what a wank.. i hate that man i'm gonna kill him and fuck up his parents with a knife and maybe inject his ugly child in the back of the head with an aids infected needle and tell them in some kind of mystery code they'll spend ages workign out and then die. fuck off
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