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if you have better things to do .. read this ... actually don't its well boring and long and boring

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iced earth are hella tight muva

i really haven't updated in a while one bit .. so i thought i'd 'hellohowareyouthisisexactlywhathappened' it up for some time

seeing as half term happened i'll write aboot that

i don't really think anything that much at all happened until monday .. which was properdabiz;
me, babes, joe blann and BIG C decided that as the three of them had passed the town of warblington on a history trip in year 7 (and filthy pikey animals had thrown sticks and abuse and excrement at the train while some 10 year olds had sex in a shed) that now 5 years later it was probably time we went there and got pissed

so we did
(anyone who really doesn't care slash hates me and everything i stand for please terminate at this point)

warblington itself (after me and babes missed a train and we had to change in little hampton and havant) turned out to be little more than 2 roads, a school and a one stop....
everyone except me .. being a bellend hadn't bought their potions in advance so C tried to go get served ... we waited for 739383937293 seconds until he returned with 'slippery when wet' by bon jovi and nothing more ... what a cock... gotta love him

so we walked in a random direction that ended up on a motor way.. carried on until it looked fun to wander into some woods and down a bank under a bridge (good plan peoples) .. we scuttled along some random road and ended up in the centre of havant ... it took quite some time to get served but by the time we did (needing joe blann to tie back his hair and wear C's glasses making him loook like a university nerd)we had seen many places that would be funny to visit drunk
they finally got their boozage (they check for 21 up there if you don't have id) ...
we went to some rubbish park where some dick of a kid wearing a bright yellow and blue tunic slash robe thing was riding round constantly on his bike, apparently it was home made and he was wearing it for fun ... so cultured up in these parts... we slowly became quite pissed a fair many beers, wines and whiskeys later and headed to the techstreme shopping mall ... me and babes entered J.Source the local christian merch store me drinking from a bottle of wine in a paper bag and both of us smoking .. they did nothing .. we purchased some fine merch with slogans like 'win with god' and 'i have jesus in my heart' (all very true) and found joe and c in some weird costume shop .. it was shit we went to the library which i really dont' remember .... at some point we left and went towards the station at some point i threw an empty wine bottle fullforce into the ground in a crowded daytime road .. we got a few looks and got on the train... after much debating and unsuccessful attempts at getting C to pull some fine-crotched pikey girls we got off at gatwick

starbucks ahoy ... me and babes got some beverage while joe and C were sent to find maidens/... funny stuff.. i remember walking into virgin and me and babes singing interpol at the tops of our voices and then .. the chapel //// for some reason it was empty so me and babes armed with smokes managed to get a surprising amount of ash on the alter clothe .. we were giving a sermon about godonlyknowsandhates what and at some point i'm pretty sure i remember some one coming half in, and promptly leaving..
after that we got the monorail to the other terminal and rolled on down to the meridian hotel where me and joe spilt a lot of water from the fountains and joe mooned up the 8 storey glass elavator... we then smashed it up in the ice room ran around for a while and then went back (joes buttocks seeing a lot of the light of day) ..

i'm not sure how it happened but we got to burgess hill for a bit of uncle sams /... fine lookin' eatz .. joe was a bit ill and we went for a stroll ... next moment we were in brighton and i somehow walked home without realising it...

probably the best day i've had in ages...

don't think i did very much until thursday ..where after some recording for:
we are slightly undecided so if you aren't all taht rubbish recomend away

i went back to joes ... we called up a few people and ended up going to meet babes and garry who were for some reason having a night out on the town down by the pier somewhere

so we mished off to meet them on the pier .. babes got soaked by a car (poor bastard) .. we saw a bunch of known people trying yet failing to get into some rubbish but maybe amazing club ...we then got drink and headed off towards wherever
we saw soem of a police chase which was pretty tens-ed and ended up getting pissed on a bench in preston park (proper pikey) somewhere along the line matt johnson arrived to get some 'dope' with garry .. i had a but but mostly stuck to my diamond white .. which is even cheaper than white lightening i think.. sweet .. at some point i picked up half a broken wine bottle and on joes request carved 'loz iz gay' into the bowls green .. the bottle exploded in my hand and a bit of glass got stuck in one of my fingers (god really is a cunt) and babes cheekily ran off and bumped into phillippa, tahlia jolene and someone i forget who ...weird ./. then we went and gota pizza and chips .. they came and found us and joe and garry had a bit duel on the pavement outside the shop.. funfunfun stuff .. it was a spectacle to behold
then we walked off somewhere and found a little kids bmx on the way to whereever it was .. i rode upon it for a while which really was hard work... garry and matt went home and babes wanted to but we forced him to stay (poor bastard) we went to loz's and summoned bean .. at some point babes sneaked off like a midnight burglar.... (cunt) and me joe and bean proceeded to mish up lovers walk and over the bridge to drop the bike off that cliff thign ... it was all it was built up to be ... sparks flew and it knocked a wall off of a shed at the bottom and almost hit a moving train (we didnt' really think much of that at the time) but we were startingto sober up as i'd lost my cider somewhere post throwing it at joes head and it rolling somewhere..
we went home to joes and got some sleep-ed ..

saturday night was pretty T-H-phat .. went to meet green and babes and eugene after getting some booze (and being undercharged... 4 fosters for 99p! axesome) there were loads of people there when i arrived at queens park when i got there .. apparently sarah kings equalled boneitustothetrillion but somehow a hugemonjass party by the lewes road came about ... we mished there expecting no one we knew .. but after a short look around we discovered everyone (pretty much so fuck off) was there!!

good things do happen to bad people :D .....

i got drunk and talked and smoked and and .. at some point i discovered what i thought to be and invisible plant to be a stick quite literally stick-ing out of the ground. so i plucked it and set about spanking and hitting people from afar resulting in most of them getting pissed at schnoz thinking it was him ... mega nausing .... that party was proper dollardollargetdamoneyonetwo ... but i had to leave pretty early to go back the way i'd come up to another party to meet leanne ... it was a bit cock to be honest and some niggerinhumandisguise had poured beer jam and oil in the fish tank resulting in one casualty but a fairly successful rescue mission for the other two little soldiers ... i fagged it up a bit with simon and someone had put on a cd with some fairly tight tchoons on (some children of bodom and bit of inflames and some killswitch .. i loved it) .. mished back to leannes proper ghetto residence

halloween = knob
people = shit

i slept through most of my first day back at colllege (turns out i'm a bit of a cunt) it wasn't that good after i arrived either ... and so college shall continue

bloody 'ell bit of a long entry if you read it and found it well boring ... don't read it again
i probably could have summarised all those events into a few words .. but i didn't so dick yourself
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