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onetwothreefour go go go

livelivelivelivejournalllll6,000 i say
i iz listening to the oncoming storm ... i think i thought it was gonna be better than it turns out was to bee's .. probably to do with dan telling me it was the best thing ever or something .. despite thousch it is still axesomecross 98 although not much better than stings of concience

unearth iz a butifal ting

it occured to me that i probably havent updated since the beginning of the summer maybe before thatt..

the summer was fairly uneventful but fun ... kind of like a 10 man brawl where only too people have arms and legs (which would be very funny to watch) ...-pretty poor analogy.. summer wasn't that good..

gcse's were easy .. haha it sounds cocky as a bastard .. but i didn't revise or pay that much attention through the year and i got good enough grades.. saying that before i got my results i thought i'd done appallingly.. weird

i had to go to france with ma famille at the beginning-ish of it ... that was bone x sixtenthstothemillionz after that i spent mostof it in ol' brighton .. i just don't feel safe leaving it anymore .. walking around is always funny because people always shout stuff or stare (when i'z with leanne) a classic moment being when 2 fairly aged scumbags leaned out of their car to shout "race traitor!! she's white" .. i love it.. hobos always talk to us aswell ... and once a sweaty bald man asked us to come with some people to take pictures for his porn site.. unfortunately for y'all i speedily declined;)

me and joe blann went to france for the day somewhere near the end of the holiday... his brother tim was gonnna be going but i replaced him as a subhuman substitute (i'm black) it was actually well funz .. we basically just walked around places ... joe bought a ridiculous gangsta flick knife like a dodgey latino guy would have and be all like "gimme yo foken' wallit beetch" with ..w00t

i bought a keg

armed to the teeth with this i went to rosh's on saturday:) i arrived way too early (in no way fashionable)and set about drinking jugfulls of beer .. pretty stupid really .. after my second jug i realised they were aboot 3 cans each-ish ...people started arriving around that point .. i was already drunk-esque i was confused aboot who was there i remember talking to matt and going and getting another jug of beer - which pretty much killed me - by the time loads of people were there i was completely pissed like a russian hobo drinking achohol based air freshners.. i remember bosco doing his self heating coffee (sciencesciencescience) but i was too confused to really appreciate it .. i drank some but i have no idea what it tasted like but i remember it smelt of chocolate :S .. anything else that happened is a blur but i do remember many people that i talked to and the fact that someone stole my keggggg!!!!!! die bastard i will kill your family and there close associates

afterwards i went back to leannes where i threw up for ages (huge loads of it were coming out of my nose in huge lumps (i'm fitt) i then past out on her bed (she got bored and went on msn) ... (((i'm cool...))

college is quite alright ... i get so much homework though ... what a jap ... and i never do any of it ... armed with a binary coded brief case i get a lot of 'what a square zulu lookin' kid' looks from people , i think its a sign of a affection but then my social knowledge is fairly primative at best ... what with my tribalslashjungle upbringing


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