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not a lot really .. don't read this boring filth

not really much happens but for some reason i'm updating again. the most eventful thing today was my walk home from walking home leanne..or something.. when i got to the bussing place i realized i was 2p short of enough to get the bus so i decided i'd be walking. at some point i through down some of the money i had in blind and furious rage... which was verywhat stupid.

after some whiles i saw a fat man sitting on the floor with a beer breathing as heavily as he looked... reminded me of a bear, smelled like one too. then i saw what looked likea hugggggge cat .. but it turned out to be a fox! unsane! for some reason it didn't cheese it so i kind of just walked up to it and had a look, but i thought it might maul me .. weird. then this shit off big moth tried to kill me (perhaps tom and dans dad's the biggest moth in the world escaped and is on some sort of rampage and is probably going to enslave the human race? yes..) then walking past the roundhill i was shocked and eroused to see green and babes, i had to turn down a pint because i had to be home:( what a jip.. but then green gave me 5p or something? so i could get the bus :) .... but then!!! i noticed taht i'd thrown away 4p!!!!! and i was 1p short to get teh bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i continued to walk with much vigor

i got home a bit late and went upstairs to listen to stuff maybe. .. but i keep forgetting to eat:S i swear all i've eaten today is a couple of bits of bread - oh well niggers aren't really supposed to eat .. or drink... i'd better go hang myself to even out the universe i guess
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