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mostly glastonbury you bladder

hello and everybodys

this morning i stalked a blind man .. this was pretty fun as he was so 'skillz' he was bald and hada huge beard and a tank top and huge blinder's sunglasses.. he had the power to open gates and things with his mighty paws

has anyone or everyone heard distance is darkness by as i lay dying? i swear the singing is teh in reverent fear guy? it sounds so much like of him:S. .. weird

lasterday was all of right .. i hanged with leanne ... which is all good .. we watched mean girls .. which was terrible as was to be expected .. meh. it would seem taht my parents are dead (or away) weird

the most happening thing for these last whiles was glastonbury ... which was pretty fash and 666xxx (most of the rest of the entry will be aboot it .. so if you don't actually give a whore please execute yourself at this point)
i went up on wednesdayy shortly after my final exam (which was history .. and i didn't do all that well in:S i don't think) got a lift with mine dad .. and a bunch of my brothers friends.. who turned out not to be batty bois.. luckily by thursday it was all sunny and the mudd had dried:) me and dinscht mole and bajan and the beast watched the footie on the main stage screens with millions of football twats around us... the game was pretty funny .. i'm sure everyone knows what happened ... to be honest i didn't really care that england lost .. it was kind of satisfying watching a bunch of beer bellied men with those stupid looking england caps on almost kicking fences and almost crying .. stupid cunts.. after that i met up with eleanor and beki and the year 12s and lucy and anna/people... it was pretty 8xcool to see eleanor n stuff since i spent most of last glastonbury with them and it was well good :) i think we wandered roudn places listning to phat beats and then i smoked loads with the year 12s and went back to my tipi innit

friday morning i went and watched bright eyes by myself .. they were well good .. don't think anyone else liked them much ...i think after that i met up with eleanor and peoples again and we saw groove amarda .. intense stuff... after that i went back to my tipi for some reason .. i went to see a bit of chemical brothers and most of oasis that night .. which was a bit of great fun+fun

on saturday the fatalness of my mistake of not really having any phone credit began. i was forced to hang out with only caz for the next day and a bit:( ... i can't really remember who i saw on saturday. but i think it was great ... i saw paul mccartney for a bit and then went to squarepusher .. (after taking some shroomz m8) (by myself.. i'm cool) /// i remember at one point green phoned me and i couldn't hear him and i wanted to see him.. so i like power walked back to my tipi to try and find my dad to use his phone or something :S but he wasn't there and i didn't see green:( i went and watched some shit dj at the glade and hung out/smoked a lot of stuff with some cool scottish guy and then talked to 'a diamond geezer' who offered me jack daniels out of a tube coming from his backpack! finally i'd found true love...

sunday morning i saw that opera thing and it was great. . there was this guy with a really deep voice it was all funny and great:D ... then i don't remember the next couple of hours but at some point green phoned me:D and i finally met up with him babes knoll and logly... they came to my tipiness and then it was all raining.. we watched some bands i believe and spent some time in their CABIN ... james brown was absolutely intense ... he was getting his groove on doing the running man and daddy ray and jeff and that weird hippy guy and the fat woman and james's cloaks and the fact taht didn't play any whole songs just little bits .. and ohhh god it was good!! what an genius!!
after muse .. which was amazing ./.// we went back to the cabin and i stayed there ... and slept on a burbery matress!!!! cunt yeah! we smoked a lot and went to sleep and ate curry out of a tin // good times

monday was alright .. tipiness .... had a mud/spaggetttttiiio/meat fight with my brothers friends ... wierd...smoked with them ... weird again ... then drove home in the night ... my dad had blagged a whole basket of hash fudge some how ... so we ate quite a bit of that ;) it was well nice. got home aboot 3 in the morning .. had a shower and went to sleeeping ... god having a proper toilet is so much fun:D
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