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myjournalsaysicandoANYTHINGiwanttodo .... 1234tothestarrrrrs

today was mathsmagician .. it was very much fun. i told my parents that i didn't have an exam because it annoys me when they're all like 'good luck' and 'don't stay up too late you've got your BIG exam tomorrow' stupid danish ambassadors of filth! none of the exams have been killlll1l!1l!llllers... althought, tom, i actually did exactly what you did in science:S weird... (maybe there was a fine layer of semen on the pages_)but then i suck at it anyway so its not reallyy important.


the holidays were actually welll not very good ... i didn't do anything! i didn't even revise much at all. saw harry potter m8 it was FUCKING good ... i have heard people saying that it wasn't. these people are more subhuman than i am!
also i saw the day after tomorry thing ... it was o and k and cheesey american style!! its pretty funny when the americans are all begging to be let into mexico and 3rd world countries .. oh the irony!! funny stuff ....


to conclude O-Zone are WELL good!!! everyone should hear them ... romanian poplords that they are
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