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various happenings in a nonsensical rambling order

merry X-ed mas and junk and fun ... it was a big non-stop-drinking-bundle-of-family-adventure .... no pun intended, or made.

got myself

the intentions of an ipod (should happen once time progresses and i pay some dollar for it)
new phone (bare ability of video cons... pretty un nessess)
clothes and junk
some phat digital versitiles (including a film where steve buscemi is a boxer?! and 'kindergarten ninja' "where discpipline becomes a code of honour" - blade steel; football star and ladies man is recklessly out of control and is arrested for drunk driving, the judge sentences him to 90 days community service teaching children. But he is in for the surprise of his life when a kung fu kicking angel named bruce is sent from heaven to help blade save himself - ... it would honestly be difficult to think up a film that sounded more ridiculous.
and some other stuff i forget what

.. stuff happened ... umm yeah the went into town with joe blann and bought 20 kilos of soBe from the pound shop .. (a healthy lizard based beverage for those of you who don't know) - saw ol' rob and liam and bought 'snow magic' a substance which exands to 100 times its size when you put water on it!!! my god.. i wish dollar were still alive to see it. ended up drinking 12 litres of soBe and feeling treacherously ill whilst watching dr strangelove and ikiru ... both pretty classic.

christmas WAS ... i fairly enjoyed it.. drank a lot more than i usually do in the sanctuary of my own house. fun....

various events lead me to yesterday maybe when i went to dollars house... bit odd /. me bajan dollar and gabi?! played on the sims ... and spent like 2 hours being ridiculous and then it broke:| ... so we played internet games... weird then me and dat mole watched some stupid videos including an incredible video of some girl stacking cups in record breaking times! my word!...

got up at half 7 or some painfully potent hour of the morning (due to dolllardollarbillygetdamoney's orchestra pracccy) and walked home through the hoth surroundings.. and thats what happened bye
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February 5 2005, 15:18:59 UTC 13 years ago

wot is up with ur username???!!! Are you some kind of rascist?
i'm not racist .. i just don't think blacks should be allowed in public places
woooooooow, you have kalmah on your interests. phat. bl8 added m8.
cazzz, hey. its emile, add my new LJ :)