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event jordan

many of you will know the particularly fat young boy that is jordan murray or something.. any many of you will agree that he is ... fit

the only problem was that he's had me blocked on msn for about 37303840383493 times


about a month ago he suddenly came online and asked me if i was a girl ... using my quick skull i decided that it would be funny to say yes... so i did.... what a fool he was

he put his webcam on and asked if i thought he was fit .. which of horse i did. conversation progressed in a shocking manner..

jordan: u r fit az
jordan: would u ever give me head
jordan: id suck ur minge dry
jordan: would u cum back to mine and fukin let me shag the fuck out of u


i asked if he had a large penis

jordan: is nine inches big enought 4 u

i asked to see it
he didn't hesitate much to oblige

i nearly convulsed

if i knew how to put pictures on here i would

he began to rub (what apparently was his boner:S) i nearly convulsed again

next time i spoke to him

jordan: did u like my cock the other day
jordan: wen u gonna give me head

he kept pestering so i said i'd see him next weekend to which he replied

jordan: we will fuk allnite and allday and u will have so much kum in ur mouth and up ur minge u will be fukin full up

i shat through my pores


jordan: do me a favour
jordan: finger urself now for me

knows how to talk to a lady

he then put his webcam on and 'beat his meat' using the two fingers that it fit nicely into... holding his stomach up with the other hand

jordan: i just cumed then

if you could call it that..

next time he comes online

jordan: u aint a girl ur a boy


jordan: ur a boy some1 told me and ur gettin beaten up cozx 1 of my mates knows who u r
me: haha
jordan: u wait u little poof
me: hahaha nice cock hun
jordan: u wait
me: love it
jordan: ur gonna get so beaten up

then he added me to his friendy's conversation

jordan: tom ur gonna do dis kid aint u
friend1: fucking hell yea ill beat the fuck out of the leary cunt
jordan: hes a poof
me: ello
jordan: ello poof
me: aiiight
jordan: ur gettin beaten up
me: ta
friend1: wot a leary cunt
friend2: hu da fuk is it tell me

then i realised that they didn't actually know who i was .. so i just insulted them for a while and left

chronic pricks

and thats what happened .... if anyone wants picture ;)
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