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da ghetto happenin's o' me an' ma homez bussin' caps
20 most recent entries

Date:2004-12-28 12:00
Subject:various happenings in a nonsensical rambling order
Mood: chinkkkkk eats air

merry X-ed mas and junk and fun ... it was a big non-stop-drinking-bundle-of-family-adventure .... no pun intended, or made.

got myself

the intentions of an ipod (should happen once time progresses and i pay some dollar for it)
new phone (bare ability of video cons... pretty un nessess)
clothes and junk
some phat digital versitiles (including a film where steve buscemi is a boxer?! and 'kindergarten ninja' "where discpipline becomes a code of honour" - blade steel; football star and ladies man is recklessly out of control and is arrested for drunk driving, the judge sentences him to 90 days community service teaching children. But he is in for the surprise of his life when a kung fu kicking angel named bruce is sent from heaven to help blade save himself - ... it would honestly be difficult to think up a film that sounded more ridiculous.
and some other stuff i forget what

.. stuff happened ... umm yeah the went into town with joe blann and bought 20 kilos of soBe from the pound shop .. (a healthy lizard based beverage for those of you who don't know) - saw ol' rob and liam and bought 'snow magic' a substance which exands to 100 times its size when you put water on it!!! my god.. i wish dollar were still alive to see it. ended up drinking 12 litres of soBe and feeling treacherously ill whilst watching dr strangelove and ikiru ... both pretty classic.

christmas WAS ... i fairly enjoyed it.. drank a lot more than i usually do in the sanctuary of my own house. fun....

various events lead me to yesterday maybe when i went to dollars house... bit odd /. me bajan dollar and gabi?! played on the sims ... and spent like 2 hours being ridiculous and then it broke:| ... so we played internet games... weird then me and dat mole watched some stupid videos including an incredible video of some girl stacking cups in record breaking times! my word!...

got up at half 7 or some painfully potent hour of the morning (due to dolllardollarbillygetdamoney's orchestra pracccy) and walked home through the hoth surroundings.. and thats what happened bye

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Date:2004-12-20 21:29
Subject:event jordan
Mood: happy at penis

many of you will know the particularly fat young boy that is jordan murray or something.. any many of you will agree that he is ... fit

the only problem was that he's had me blocked on msn for about 37303840383493 times


about a month ago he suddenly came online and asked me if i was a girl ... using my quick skull i decided that it would be funny to say yes... so i did.... what a fool he was

he put his webcam on and asked if i thought he was fit .. which of horse i did. conversation progressed in a shocking manner..

jordan: u r fit az
jordan: would u ever give me head
jordan: id suck ur minge dry
jordan: would u cum back to mine and fukin let me shag the fuck out of u


i asked if he had a large penis

jordan: is nine inches big enought 4 u

i asked to see it
he didn't hesitate much to oblige

i nearly convulsed

if i knew how to put pictures on here i would

he began to rub (what apparently was his boner:S) i nearly convulsed again

next time i spoke to him

jordan: did u like my cock the other day
jordan: wen u gonna give me head

he kept pestering so i said i'd see him next weekend to which he replied

jordan: we will fuk allnite and allday and u will have so much kum in ur mouth and up ur minge u will be fukin full up

i shat through my pores


jordan: do me a favour
jordan: finger urself now for me

knows how to talk to a lady

he then put his webcam on and 'beat his meat' using the two fingers that it fit nicely into... holding his stomach up with the other hand

jordan: i just cumed then

if you could call it that..

next time he comes online

jordan: u aint a girl ur a boy


jordan: ur a boy some1 told me and ur gettin beaten up cozx 1 of my mates knows who u r
me: haha
jordan: u wait u little poof
me: hahaha nice cock hun
jordan: u wait
me: love it
jordan: ur gonna get so beaten up

then he added me to his friendy's conversation

jordan: tom ur gonna do dis kid aint u
friend1: fucking hell yea ill beat the fuck out of the leary cunt
jordan: hes a poof
me: ello
jordan: ello poof
me: aiiight
jordan: ur gettin beaten up
me: ta
friend1: wot a leary cunt
friend2: hu da fuk is it tell me

then i realised that they didn't actually know who i was .. so i just insulted them for a while and left

chronic pricks

and thats what happened .... if anyone wants picture ;)

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Date:2004-12-20 21:08
Subject:the story so far..
Mood: fairly self explanitory

thankyou i haven't properly updated in a thousand

heres what happened.. GOD i'll just start from like the end of college and junk

-had some conor which was pretty harsh .. and then there was the talent show .. which was propre wicked for sure.
-watched final episode of this years countdown series carol was looking out of proportion and wrong
-went home and filth like that.. then i think i went to the pressure point to meet t-mo and maddd-a-lion
-contrary the the expectations of myself they weren't there so i sat fairly awkwardly with nick and adam and megan
-peoples like eugene and joey and mat turned up which was alllfine lovely mat got me some snakebitezzz
-went somewhere and drank some cider they had left outside in a bush feeling classy... saw anna imi jemimah lucy and a murder of others
-went to see people at anna brooks's's but everyone was just leaving... i saw THE most drugged up looking guy on the way he was eating something out of a plastic bag and gurgling and his friend was saying 'see it tastes sooo nice' he walked in to me, dropped filth out of his mouth squeeked and fell over :S weird.
-met some posse of pisserz and walked at a low pace to schnoz's where me and babes watched most of blade ... 'whistler i got da garlic serum uuurrrrrr urrrrrghhh urggggg' junk
-child to some bruce back at babes's and got some tea ... slept watched some creek and some 7 brides for 7 brothers .. awesome stuff

went home and ,,, i don't remembered it up for some period of time .. went to meet mat up at some phone box .. stood on hoth wish for a bantu. then went to beckys party thing .. that was pretty awesome-good really... i didn't have enough booze .... but still it was fun stayed at tom and dans sat aroudn the next day watching black books .. that was fun but at the same time deatheningly boring

today i woke up and it was dark .. went into town christmasing.. foul business that

holidays :)

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Date:2004-12-10 01:18
Subject:look my noids they are squaren
Mood: squarenoid-ed

thanksyou very much jesus these past 60 hours have been great ...but 60 hours is probably long enough i'm going to sleep

good ... die

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Date:2004-12-05 03:38
Mood: wheresmahfacegeissaw?

The drain.. what an underrated invention. The drain uses the magic of gravity and the lure of negative space to attract liquids and viscous solids down itself and away from YOU. When coupled with plumbing it can permanently relieve property owners of the inconvenience and depression asociated with leaky pipes and shit

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Date:2004-12-02 22:52
Mood: aint not good



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Date:2004-12-01 23:36
Mood: i dunnno... frogg-ed?


---- i know i've been looking forwards to it all year:D .. wasn't it great:D

..well what can i say? ..well most things ... but the 'gig' on monday was incredible stuff :D
i fell the hell in love with green<3 in the hots set ... they were all awesome // except dollar whos a fat cunt .. well not really he's pretty dollardollartotehtwentygetda'smoneymuddamudda. anyway.. loved it.

reasons to remain were a bit average other than one of the guitarists being pretty fresh. needed more rawkuss lyricism.

countingthedays were probably the best i've seen them ... it was so good. they electro-butchered the hell out of my calculator which i did literally bring. the new song was a frenzy. great noises.

college is THE cunt at the moment. especially the two essays i really need to be doing right nwo for film studies and my music tech comp. matin tells me my future looks dismal or gloomy and other encouraging things. might have a film tripppo tomorry? fun(K) stuff

went to mats again after 'collz' it was nice .. hanged oot did a bit of elodea. then sped up to our praccy n laid down da riddem y'all hataz. fun. fun.

i'm not there anymore i'm in my house

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Date:2004-11-29 19:04
Subject:damned leather's

came home today in a bit of a hurry because i have oh-so-very-much work to do-innit.. as i rushed into the dismal looking back alley that basically is my house i slid forwards about a foot
to my utter disapointment i'd just stepped in the biggest pile of orange, thick, lumpy sick i've ever seen!
THEN just to ironically make things even worse my mum phones me and says 'someones been sick in the passage make sure you don't step in it' .....spent the next half hour scrubbing sick off my shoes.. all of this didn't help with how pissed i am at that stupid fucking briefcase... today was the final straw .. i crossing some fuck off big road near the level on the way to college when ABSOLUTELY all of my stuff fell across the street and a batallion of cars proceeded to mangle it all... now even my work is ghetto-ed:( fuck dat!

weekend was alright but at the same time fucking rubbish

battle of the bands = pretty incredible ... countingthedays DID slay and provoke battle... although bajan fisted me in the cock in the new song... wankered. then hots provided the calm after the storm . or so to speak. good stuff:)

citizen X are pretty much ridiculous.. i was pretty shakey as i wasn't sure what people would think of me drumming .. what with me not actually being a drummer and stuff .. but i didn't fuck up that much.. andit was obscenely fun .. the clothes change, bubble machine, loz slipping up on the h2o he'd just spat, X-ed guitars, logs crack, eds big red saxed out face, the beatboxing, me smoking and drumming and getting ash all over just about everything, the maoam... i loved it can't wait til the 14th (pressure point innnit)


then i had to go to london to some big fat old nigger fest.... having moved down in the set order because my dad threatened not to let me play if i made him late for london it turned out he didn't even make eme (my littler brother) come!! harsh-5000.. more than 2 hours later i arrive at a party with an absurd amount of old leatherskins hanging around being cringe-ingly christian and making speeches!! and apparently it was imancipation day? so they were all going on about their 'roots' n shit ... show offs.
i decided it was a good idea to stay in teh kitchen and drink out the beer stash ... several stellas later i found myself trying to make conversation with people so black it didn't sound like they were talking human language....

rubbished out

i have so much work over due for college

countingthedays and hots in a minute :D that'll bludgeon away my sorrows:)


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Date:2004-11-26 01:34
Subject:'doctor deX workin dem needles like a surgeon' (or skagician)
Mood: 123 124 126..slash alright


great caesar's ghost everythings ave
but saturday should be a bag of snakes. Citizen X bl8z have an electronic cowbell.

yesterday was amusing stuff. i.t was replaced by minor pyrotechnics dans chez gyraddos with blanny (who earlier punched me in the face for knocking off his hat and hitting his shoulder - after he basically lost me my money and then kicked me?! wanked!!) and doz. our explosion attempts failed and we basically just ate all garrys food.
then the plan was that i went to mat's and we band practiced before our band practice.. but instead we played soul calibre and got lightly pissed. didn't really help with productivity at the band practice .. as mat, who was somehow a bit hammered, couldn't really play very much and we really just messed around on the electric drum kit ... good. good and great.

today was fairly indifferent, if a day can feel this way, went college-ing - hitoried. music tech pretty much wasn't.
visited good ol' varndean school. james is a bit of a cutie. he gave away some sibelius.. but not the serial code.. cunt.
then i think we went to dat schnoz's. somehow all his cats had got shut in t3h band room and shat in a heap behind logs stack .. manked....

i went to leanne's for a bit then she saw her babe of a father and went home .. only to be intercepted (via telecommunication) by ray-j blann.. who decided he couldn't be bothered to go work... and didn't tell them ... so we ate some chinese scoop and watched the a team.. T was terrified. then i went home .. was annoyed aboot something for a while but i'm not sure what ... then remembered that i had at the very least 3 essays for tomorry... didn't do them...

if i'm this bored why am i not in bed? weird. also bye

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Date:2004-11-23 02:03
Mood: lets get da boogie mo-funk

look i did these..

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
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Cudding Skill Level - 43%
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Why They Hate You They can't bend the way you want them to.
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well done :)

...whats better Tyrannosaurus X .. or citizen X? ... bl8z T X m8 ....anyhow come to the thing on saturday @ =ed to the pavillion theatre for likea fiver (or i'll cut your stomach open and bludgeon your families to death with your organs .). no seriously! ... we have deX, beatboXin, an electronic cow bell!!, and saXin' .... also countingthedays iz proper tight (recording is absolutely fine) .. and hots (whos recording is also a bit good) and papa shango innit and a lots of other stuffs ... oh yeah and stuff

had a bit of a band practice today with 'just' E.M. and bean .. also schnoz... ondemicrophone... skillz get da million ..

just so you know - college provides a lot of work .. and i don't do it/// i really should

weekend was quite alright .. sawn leanne on friday and went to some weiners party (no offence weiner).. which was in actual fact quite good ..as everyone turned up .. joeyo stepped in a pond what a frogged man

tomorry is tuesday so bye ..ohandreadysetexplode..

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Date:2004-11-09 23:50
Subject:123 getdamoneydollardollar ..
Mood: shut up loser

well heres what happened...

weekend was a bit rubbish really ... missed out on the firework action andd!!! a firework slash ninja mission that i half planned .....norzzzzzz\\\...

not much else happened

college has been ok since then (how ironic) .. cormac was still dead on monday so i had approximately 600% less music tech than if the situation had been in no way comparable. went to schnoz's maybe .. or i just went home .. i really don't remember that wasn't taht fun i think i went to leannes? my short term memory is abismal.
only had one lesson today .. good stuff .. pretty much actually did my homework it felt nice inside. i'm a model citizen .. whos BLACK :( damn i went to schnoz's with supposedly band related plans which failed except for me and joe on the interstellascifispacedronecore band front .. which went all good .. bajan ws there for some reason ..weird ... also schnoz wasn't .. weird again
well bye

to completely contradict my last statement i then went home .. walked with joe blann ... odd phone call ;) .. leanne came round some time .. getdalimit .. then it rained when i walked home .. like a beast feels like i have trenchfoot and no body ... then some cunt opened his cardoor into me and it well hurt .. what a wank.. i hate that man i'm gonna kill him and fuck up his parents with a knife and maybe inject his ugly child in the back of the head with an aids infected needle and tell them in some kind of mystery code they'll spend ages workign out and then die. fuck off

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Date:2004-11-04 02:44
Subject:free tibet
Mood: a bit pissed


...george bush ...

disapointing stuff ... what a wank into the womb of a young girl .. i'd definately cut his face up with a rusty blade

he's done so much rubbish stuff he should probably die right now. this moment.

ah well at least i'm not black... thatwouldbewellshitandi'dprobablyhangoutondasidewalkchewin'atoothpickwithmyhairlookinallslyandghettoandi'dstealtvsALLthetimeandi'dbebornwithaidsallovermybodyinajungleandanimalswouldthinkiwaswellrubbish

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Date:2004-11-02 21:58
Subject:if you have better things to do .. read this ... actually don't its well boring and long and boring
Mood: round and round and round and

What metal band are you?

Iced Earth

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iced earth are hella tight muva

i really haven't updated in a while one bit .. so i thought i'd 'hellohowareyouthisisexactlywhathappened' it up for some time

seeing as half term happened i'll write aboot that

i don't really think anything that much at all happened until monday .. which was properdabiz;
me, babes, joe blann and BIG C decided that as the three of them had passed the town of warblington on a history trip in year 7 (and filthy pikey animals had thrown sticks and abuse and excrement at the train while some 10 year olds had sex in a shed) that now 5 years later it was probably time we went there and got pissed

so we did
(anyone who really doesn't care slash hates me and everything i stand for please terminate at this point)

warblington itself (after me and babes missed a train and we had to change in little hampton and havant) turned out to be little more than 2 roads, a school and a one stop....
everyone except me .. being a bellend hadn't bought their potions in advance so C tried to go get served ... we waited for 739383937293 seconds until he returned with 'slippery when wet' by bon jovi and nothing more ... what a cock... gotta love him

so we walked in a random direction that ended up on a motor way.. carried on until it looked fun to wander into some woods and down a bank under a bridge (good plan peoples) .. we scuttled along some random road and ended up in the centre of havant ... it took quite some time to get served but by the time we did (needing joe blann to tie back his hair and wear C's glasses making him loook like a university nerd)we had seen many places that would be funny to visit drunk
they finally got their boozage (they check for 21 up there if you don't have id) ...
we went to some rubbish park where some dick of a kid wearing a bright yellow and blue tunic slash robe thing was riding round constantly on his bike, apparently it was home made and he was wearing it for fun ... so cultured up in these parts... we slowly became quite pissed a fair many beers, wines and whiskeys later and headed to the techstreme shopping mall ... me and babes entered J.Source the local christian merch store me drinking from a bottle of wine in a paper bag and both of us smoking .. they did nothing .. we purchased some fine merch with slogans like 'win with god' and 'i have jesus in my heart' (all very true) and found joe and c in some weird costume shop .. it was shit we went to the library which i really dont' remember .... at some point we left and went towards the station at some point i threw an empty wine bottle fullforce into the ground in a crowded daytime road .. we got a few looks and got on the train... after much debating and unsuccessful attempts at getting C to pull some fine-crotched pikey girls we got off at gatwick

starbucks ahoy ... me and babes got some beverage while joe and C were sent to find maidens/... funny stuff.. i remember walking into virgin and me and babes singing interpol at the tops of our voices and then .. the chapel //// for some reason it was empty so me and babes armed with smokes managed to get a surprising amount of ash on the alter clothe .. we were giving a sermon about godonlyknowsandhates what and at some point i'm pretty sure i remember some one coming half in, and promptly leaving..
after that we got the monorail to the other terminal and rolled on down to the meridian hotel where me and joe spilt a lot of water from the fountains and joe mooned up the 8 storey glass elavator... we then smashed it up in the ice room ran around for a while and then went back (joes buttocks seeing a lot of the light of day) ..

i'm not sure how it happened but we got to burgess hill for a bit of uncle sams /... fine lookin' eatz .. joe was a bit ill and we went for a stroll ... next moment we were in brighton and i somehow walked home without realising it...

probably the best day i've had in ages...

don't think i did very much until thursday ..where after some recording for:
we are slightly undecided so if you aren't all taht rubbish recomend away

i went back to joes ... we called up a few people and ended up going to meet babes and garry who were for some reason having a night out on the town down by the pier somewhere

so we mished off to meet them on the pier .. babes got soaked by a car (poor bastard) .. we saw a bunch of known people trying yet failing to get into some rubbish but maybe amazing club ...we then got drink and headed off towards wherever
we saw soem of a police chase which was pretty tens-ed and ended up getting pissed on a bench in preston park (proper pikey) somewhere along the line matt johnson arrived to get some 'dope' with garry .. i had a but but mostly stuck to my diamond white .. which is even cheaper than white lightening i think.. sweet .. at some point i picked up half a broken wine bottle and on joes request carved 'loz iz gay' into the bowls green .. the bottle exploded in my hand and a bit of glass got stuck in one of my fingers (god really is a cunt) ..me and babes cheekily ran off and bumped into phillippa, tahlia jolene and someone i forget who ...weird ./. then we went and gota pizza and chips .. they came and found us and joe and garry had a bit duel on the pavement outside the shop.. funfunfun stuff .. it was a spectacle to behold
then we walked off somewhere and found a little kids bmx on the way to whereever it was .. i rode upon it for a while which really was hard work... garry and matt went home and babes wanted to but we forced him to stay (poor bastard) we went to loz's and summoned bean .. at some point babes sneaked off like a midnight burglar.... (cunt) and me joe and bean proceeded to mish up lovers walk and over the bridge to drop the bike off that cliff thign ... it was all it was built up to be ... sparks flew and it knocked a wall off of a shed at the bottom and almost hit a moving train (we didnt' really think much of that at the time) but we were startingto sober up as i'd lost my cider somewhere post throwing it at joes head and it rolling somewhere..
we went home to joes and got some sleep-ed ..

saturday night was pretty T-H-phat .. went to meet green and babes and eugene after getting some booze (and being undercharged... 4 fosters for 99p! axesome) there were loads of people there when i arrived at queens park when i got there .. apparently sarah kings equalled boneitustothetrillion but somehow a hugemonjass party by the lewes road came about ... we mished there expecting no one we knew .. but after a short look around we discovered everyone (pretty much so fuck off) was there!!

good things do happen to bad people :D .....

i got drunk and talked and smoked and and .. at some point i discovered what i thought to be and invisible plant to be a stick quite literally stick-ing out of the ground. so i plucked it and set about spanking and hitting people from afar resulting in most of them getting pissed at schnoz thinking it was him ... mega nausing .... that party was proper dollardollargetdamoneyonetwo ... but i had to leave pretty early to go back the way i'd come up to another party to meet leanne ... it was a bit cock to be honest and some niggerinhumandisguise had poured beer jam and oil in the fish tank resulting in one casualty but a fairly successful rescue mission for the other two little soldiers ... i fagged it up a bit with simon and someone had put on a cd with some fairly tight tchoons on (some children of bodom and bit of inflames and some killswitch .. i loved it) .. mished back to leannes proper ghetto residence

halloween = knob
people = shit

i slept through most of my first day back at colllege (turns out i'm a bit of a cunt) it wasn't that good after i arrived either ... and so college shall continue

bloody 'ell bit of a long entry if you read it and found it well boring ... don't read it again
i probably could have summarised all those events into a few words .. but i didn't so dick yourself

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Date:2004-10-02 16:29
Mood: hieghiawehjipgipj

my parents slash parents and brother-es have gone to london leaving me without supervision!!:O .. so being the cunting niggerwhorepakishitjaplynchablemotherbastards that they are they came into my room stole all of my alchohol and hid it somewhere!!! my god!!!! thats a new low!!! stupid sub human hamburglar looking mother of me


concorde should be good:)

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Date:2004-09-21 23:14
Subject:onetwothreefour go go go
Mood: royal

livelivelivelivejournalllll6,000 i say
i iz listening to the oncoming storm ... i think i thought it was gonna be better than it turns out was to bee's .. probably to do with dan telling me it was the best thing ever or something .. despite thousch it is still axesomecross 98 although not much better than stings of concience

unearth iz a butifal ting

it occured to me that i probably havent updated since the beginning of the summer maybe before thatt..

the summer was fairly uneventful but fun ... kind of like a 10 man brawl where only too people have arms and legs (which would be very funny to watch) ...-pretty poor analogy.. summer wasn't that good..

gcse's were easy .. haha it sounds cocky as a bastard .. but i didn't revise or pay that much attention through the year and i got good enough grades.. saying that before i got my results i thought i'd done appallingly.. weird

i had to go to france with ma famille at the beginning-ish of it ... that was bone x sixtenthstothemillionz after that i spent mostof it in ol' brighton .. i just don't feel safe leaving it anymore .. walking around is always funny because people always shout stuff or stare (when i'z with leanne) a classic moment being when 2 fairly aged scumbags leaned out of their car to shout "race traitor!! she's white" .. i love it.. hobos always talk to us aswell ... and once a sweaty bald man asked us to come with some people to take pictures for his porn site.. unfortunately for y'all i speedily declined;)

me and joe blann went to france for the day somewhere near the end of the holiday... his brother tim was gonnna be going but i replaced him as a subhuman substitute (i'm black) it was actually well funz .. we basically just walked around places ... joe bought a ridiculous gangsta flick knife like a dodgey latino guy would have and be all like "gimme yo foken' wallit beetch" with ..w00t

i bought a keg

armed to the teeth with this i went to rosh's on saturday:) i arrived way too early (in no way fashionable)and set about drinking jugfulls of beer .. pretty stupid really .. after my second jug i realised they were aboot 3 cans each-ish ...people started arriving around that point .. i was already drunk-esque i was confused aboot who was there i remember talking to matt and going and getting another jug of beer - which pretty much killed me - by the time loads of people were there i was completely pissed like a russian hobo drinking achohol based air freshners.. i remember bosco doing his self heating coffee (sciencesciencescience) but i was too confused to really appreciate it .. i drank some but i have no idea what it tasted like but i remember it smelt of chocolate :S .. anything else that happened is a blur but i do remember many people that i talked to and the fact that someone stole my keggggg!!!!!! die bastard i will kill your family and there close associates

afterwards i went back to leannes where i threw up for ages (huge loads of it were coming out of my nose in huge lumps (i'm fitt) i then past out on her bed (she got bored and went on msn) ... (((i'm cool...))

college is quite alright ... i get so much homework though ... what a jap ... and i never do any of it ... armed with a binary coded brief case i get a lot of 'what a square zulu lookin' kid' looks from people , i think its a sign of a affection but then my social knowledge is fairly primative at best ... what with my tribalslashjungle upbringing



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Date:2004-07-24 03:05
Subject:i don't know gambling?
Mood: yes...wait... no!

greetings that journal and how you are?

me are in some ways great but maybe i should be really bored ..... i haven't been properly out in like 2093930293039203923923023920323-233923039/30 moons and haven't really been doing anything:S ... but .. my new guitar came today so i don't need friends so nuts to you all of you!! cunts... wait i probably didn't mean most of that. my room is actually the most messy room ever in teh world right now ... theres a bed made on the floor from when some guy stayed ... and all of my clothes spread accross it :S .. i dunno maybe i was planning a parade..and then loads of my brothers playstationness is everywhere .. which is fun .... and theres the remains of 2 gutiars spread around.... both of which i was involved in the breaking of:S...... then theres about 947930 thousand tonnes of cardboard from my guitar dumped on top of all of that stuff and for some reason a body board i found in my room... also i spilled some mouldy apple juice from a few weeks ago all over it and there is broken glass scattered over most things....

i should probably move house

why is there a step ladder in my room? ..
oh god why am i updating this at 3 in the morning ..... bye

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Date:2004-07-07 00:13
Subject:not a lot really .. don't read this boring filth
Mood: awake

not really much happens but for some reason i'm updating again. the most eventful thing today was my walk home from walking home leanne..or something.. when i got to the bussing place i realized i was 2p short of enough to get the bus so i decided i'd be walking. at some point i through down some of the money i had in blind and furious rage... which was verywhat stupid.

after some whiles i saw a fat man sitting on the floor with a beer breathing as heavily as he looked... reminded me of a bear, smelled like one too. then i saw what looked likea hugggggge cat .. but it turned out to be a fox! unsane! for some reason it didn't cheese it so i kind of just walked up to it and had a look, but i thought it might maul me .. weird. then this shit off big moth tried to kill me (perhaps tom and dans dad's the biggest moth in the world escaped and is on some sort of rampage and is probably going to enslave the human race? yes..) then walking past the roundhill i was shocked and eroused to see green and babes, i had to turn down a pint because i had to be home:( what a jip.. but then green gave me 5p or something? so i could get the bus :) .... but then!!! i noticed taht i'd thrown away 4p!!!!! and i was 1p short to get teh bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..so i continued to walk with much vigor

i got home a bit late and went upstairs to listen to stuff maybe. .. but i keep forgetting to eat:S i swear all i've eaten today is a couple of bits of bread - oh well niggers aren't really supposed to eat .. or drink... i'd better go hang myself to even out the universe i guess

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Date:2004-07-05 04:53
Subject:1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+8-23=yourface......or 21 maybe
Mood: hyper

im not actually sure why i'm updating my journal at 5 in the morning ...its a bit weird really ... so lets just pretend i'm in osaka where its probably about 10 to 1pm or something...w00t

its weird i haven't had a proper like normal night of sleep since the tuesday before last .. what with glasontburying and then seeing leanne qutie a bit to the maxx really:)

last night was a bit ok-esque .. that party dealy was a bit boring really actually didn't really do anything .. and then after a 'that' mish to asda it turned out it was closed on saturday nights :( what of jip... oink. so a taxi to my house seemed in order... some Xtreme adventuring went down today. me, joe blann, JK, doz, dan and vicky went down marina-wards along where that cliff is in order to find underground passaging hopesfally leading into the roedean boarding school .. didn't quite work out .. but we did crowbar open a door from an underground passage which led into the grounds.. and i nearly slipped into an underground sewage river in the dark .. funny stuff:)

for some reason im listening to taking back sunday now:S i think i like them with their emo antics / its kind of just 5 in the morning easy listening innit. emperor are better

im bored

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Date:2004-07-01 11:05
Subject:mostly glastonbury you bladder
Mood: wob wob wob

hello and everybodys

this morning i stalked a blind man .. this was pretty fun as he was so 'skillz' he was bald and hada huge beard and a tank top and huge blinder's sunglasses.. he had the power to open gates and things with his mighty paws

has anyone or everyone heard distance is darkness by as i lay dying? i swear the singing is teh in reverent fear guy? it sounds so much like of him:S. .. weird

lasterday was all of right .. i hanged with leanne ... which is all good .. we watched mean girls .. which was terrible as was to be expected .. meh. it would seem taht my parents are dead (or away) weird

the most happening thing for these last whiles was glastonbury ... which was pretty fash and 666xxx (most of the rest of the entry will be aboot it .. so if you don't actually give a whore please execute yourself at this point)
i went up on wednesdayy shortly after my final exam (which was history .. and i didn't do all that well in:S i don't think) got a lift with mine dad .. and a bunch of my brothers friends.. who turned out not to be batty bois.. luckily by thursday it was all sunny and the mudd had dried:) me and dinscht mole and bajan and the beast watched the footie on the main stage screens with millions of football twats around us... the game was pretty funny .. i'm sure everyone knows what happened ... to be honest i didn't really care that england lost .. it was kind of satisfying watching a bunch of beer bellied men with those stupid looking england caps on almost kicking fences and almost crying .. stupid cunts.. after that i met up with eleanor and beki and the year 12s and lucy and anna/people... it was pretty 8xcool to see eleanor n stuff since i spent most of last glastonbury with them and it was well good :) i think we wandered roudn places listning to phat beats and then i smoked loads with the year 12s and went back to my tipi innit

friday morning i went and watched bright eyes by myself .. they were well good .. don't think anyone else liked them much ...i think after that i met up with eleanor and peoples again and we saw groove amarda .. intense stuff... after that i went back to my tipi for some reason .. i went to see a bit of chemical brothers and most of oasis that night .. which was a bit of great fun+fun

on saturday the fatalness of my mistake of not really having any phone credit began. i was forced to hang out with only caz for the next day and a bit:( ... i can't really remember who i saw on saturday. but i think it was great ... i saw paul mccartney for a bit and then went to squarepusher .. (after taking some shroomz m8) (by myself.. i'm cool) /// i remember at one point green phoned me and i couldn't hear him and i wanted to see him.. so i like power walked back to my tipi to try and find my dad to use his phone or something :S but he wasn't there and i didn't see green:( i went and watched some shit dj at the glade and hung out/smoked a lot of stuff with some cool scottish guy and then talked to 'a diamond geezer' who offered me jack daniels out of a tube coming from his backpack! finally i'd found true love...

sunday morning i saw that opera thing and it was great. . there was this guy with a really deep voice it was all funny and great:D ... then i don't remember the next couple of hours but at some point green phoned me:D and i finally met up with him babes knoll and logly... they came to my tipiness and then it was all raining.. we watched some bands i believe and spent some time in their CABIN ... james brown was absolutely intense ... he was getting his groove on doing the running man and daddy ray and jeff and that weird hippy guy and the fat woman and james's cloaks and the fact taht didn't play any whole songs just little bits .. and ohhh god it was good!! what an genius!!
after muse .. which was amazing ./.// we went back to the cabin and i stayed there ... and slept on a burbery matress!!!! cunt yeah! we smoked a lot and went to sleep and ate curry out of a tin // good times

monday was alright .. tipiness .... had a mud/spaggetttttiiio/meat fight with my brothers friends ... wierd...smoked with them ... weird again ... then drove home in the night ... my dad had blagged a whole basket of hash fudge some how ... so we ate quite a bit of that ;) it was well nice. got home aboot 3 in the morning .. had a shower and went to sleeeping ... god having a proper toilet is so much fun:D

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Date:2004-06-09 01:16
Subject:myjournalsaysicandoANYTHINGiwanttodo .... 1234tothestarrrrrs
Mood: Other:

today was mathsmagician .. it was very much fun. i told my parents that i didn't have an exam because it annoys me when they're all like 'good luck' and 'don't stay up too late you've got your BIG exam tomorrow' stupid danish ambassadors of filth! none of the exams have been killlll1l!1l!llllers... althought, tom, i actually did exactly what you did in science:S weird... (maybe there was a fine layer of semen on the pages_)but then i suck at it anyway so its not reallyy important.


the holidays were actually welll not very good ... i didn't do anything! i didn't even revise much at all. saw harry potter m8 it was FUCKING good ... i have heard people saying that it wasn't. these people are more subhuman than i am!
also i saw the day after tomorry thing ... it was o and k and cheesey american style!! its pretty funny when the americans are all begging to be let into mexico and 3rd world countries .. oh the irony!! funny stuff ....


to conclude O-Zone are WELL good!!! everyone should hear them ... romanian poplords that they are

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