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1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+8-23=yourface......or 21 maybe

im not actually sure why i'm updating my journal at 5 in the morning ...its a bit weird really ... so lets just pretend i'm in osaka where its probably about 10 to 1pm or something...w00t

its weird i haven't had a proper like normal night of sleep since the tuesday before last .. what with glasontburying and then seeing leanne qutie a bit to the maxx really:)

last night was a bit ok-esque .. that party dealy was a bit boring really actually didn't really do anything .. and then after a 'that' mish to asda it turned out it was closed on saturday nights :( what of jip... oink. so a taxi to my house seemed in order... some Xtreme adventuring went down today. me, joe blann, JK, doz, dan and vicky went down marina-wards along where that cliff is in order to find underground passaging hopesfally leading into the roedean boarding school .. didn't quite work out .. but we did crowbar open a door from an underground passage which led into the grounds.. and i nearly slipped into an underground sewage river in the dark .. funny stuff:)

for some reason im listening to taking back sunday now:S i think i like them with their emo antics / its kind of just 5 in the morning easy listening innit. emperor are better

im bored
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you are rather hot, i think i fancy you, would you be my knight?
very true, emperor are better, try listening to them in the dark...scary
haha i was listening to them in the dark when i wrote that... i was indeed terrified

..and no i won't be your knight you bellend
but i guess i could be your night.. i'm pretty black
well in that case no dicking for u